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Terralene HDPE

FKuR Kunststoff GmbH
Polymer Type: 
Biobased polyethylene
Albania, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia And Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Ireland, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Serbia, United Kingdom

Biobased polyethylene compounds for extrusion and injection molding
Terralene® is a tailor-made family of polyethylene compounds based on renewable raw materials. All Terralene® grades are based on sugar cane as a raw material thus making a valuable contribution to the conservation of fossil resources.

Due to the durability of Terralene®, it is possible to produce items which are designed for a long service life. The material can be processed on existing production equipment without any adjustments. After use, Terralene® products can be placed back into existing polyethylene recycling streams without any detriment to the recyclate.

Terralene® supports customers in achieving their sustainability goals economically.
A major application for Terralene® is for flexible packaging in the food sector. As a result of the barrier properties of Terralene®, for the first time, moisture and oxygen sensitive products can be packaged in bioplastics thus providing a longer shelf life for the product. Even sophisticated ”vertical form ll and seal“ (VFFS) applications can be achieved due to the high toughness and sealing strength of Terralene® films.

Terralene® offers a high barrier and has outstanding chemical resistance. In addition to food, cosmetics and cleaning products can now be packaged. These have a stability in storage which is comparable to conventional polyethylene packaging.

Advantages of Terralene® at a glance:

- Diversified portfolio of extrusion, blow molding and injection grades
- High percentage of renewable raw materials
- Can be processed on existing equipment
- Good barrier properties
- Fully recyclable
- Conservation of fossil resources