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Ultradur PBT

BASF Corporation
Polymer Type: 
Bosnia And Herzegovina, Croatia, Ireland, Italy, Macedonia, Montenegro, Portugal, Serbia, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom

Ultradur® – the polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) for high-quality components

Ultradur® is BASF’s brand name for its line of partially crystalline, thermoplastic, saturated polyesters derived from polybutylene terephthalate (PBT). They are employed as materials for high-quality technical components in many industry sectors.

Ultradur® is especially suited for components in automotive construction as well as electrical engineering and electronics, but also for household, construction and packaging applications.

Ultradur® is a highly stressable material:

- high rigidity and strength
- very good dimensional stability under heat
- low water absorption
- good resistance to many chemicals
- exceptional resistance to weathering
- excellent heat ageing behavior

B 2550 FC
B 4030 G6
B 4300 G10
B 4300 G2
B 4300 G2 High Speed
B 4300 G3 High Speed
B 4300 G4
B 4300 G4 FC
B 4300 G4 High Speed
B 4300 G6
B 4300 G6 FC Aqua
B 4300 G6 High Speed
B 4300 G6 HR
B 4300 GM42
B 4300 K4
B 4300 K6
B 4300 M5
B 4330 G6 HR
B 4406 G2
B 4406 G3 Q717
B 4406 G4
B 4406 G6
B 4450 G5
B 4500 FC
B 4520 High Speed
B 4520 PRO
B 6550 FC
B 6550 L
B 6550 LN
B 4040 G10
B 4040 G4
B 4040 G6 High Speed
S 4090 G2
S 4090 G4
S 4090 G4 High Speed
S 4090 G6
S 4090 G6 High Speed
S 4090 G6X
S 4090 GX