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BASF Corporation
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Bosnia And Herzegovina, Croatia, Ireland, Italy, Macedonia, Montenegro, Portugal, Serbia, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom

When things get really hot, the right choice is Ultrason. Grades within the Ultrason family can withstand temperatures up to 428°F. For example, sterilizable baby bottles made from Ultrason retain their transparency and are resistant to breakage even after numerous machine washings.

For almost 20 years, BASF has produced high temperature Ultrason S PSU and Ultrason E PES. Recently, BASF added Ultrason PPSU for even more demanding applications. The result is a well rounded performance material portfolio.

The applications for these performance materials span the electronic, automotive and consumer industries. Ultrason S and Ultrason E are often used where requirements exceed the capabilities of polyamide, polycarbonate, polyoxymethylene and polyalkylene terephthalate. The exceptional property spectrum of these materials even allows them to replace thermosets, metals and ceramics.

Ultrason S 2010
Ultrason S 2010 G4
Ultrason S 2010 G6
Ultrason S 3010
Ultrason S 3010 MR UN
Ultrason S 6010
Ultrason E 1010
Ultrason E 2010
Ultrason E 2010 C6
Ultrason E 2010 G4
Ultrason E 2010 G4 MR SW 15102
Ultrason E 2010 G6
Ultrason E 2010 HC
Ultrason E 2010 MR SW 10111
Ultrason E 2020 P
Ultrason E 2020 P SR
Ultrason E 2020 P SR micro
Ultrason E 3010
Ultrason E 3010 MR UN
Ultrason E 6020 P
Ultrason E 7020 P
Dimension E1010 G9
Ultrason E KR 4113