Custom compounds and Rotomoulding

Custom compounds

Ultrapolymers has access to a superb network of supplier assets in order to develop and manufacture custom compounds. This makes it possible to react to customer demands in a fast and flexible way. Our services include small lot production, full colour compounds, specialist grades and filled materials.


Ultrapolymers is a dedicated supplier to the rotomoulding industry. As the distribution partner of LyondellBasell, Ultrapolymers offers granules and powder based on Lupolen polyethylene. Produced using a unique catalyst system, the range offers unrivalled mechanical performance. Lupolen is also used as the base material for our broad range of compounds, such as custom colours and UltraFoam (PE foam).

Ultrapolymers is active in developing new materials for rotational moulding. Exciting developments include: tough, high impact resistant polypropylene; easy to process, UV stable plastomer for flexible applications and soft touch products (ethylene based, octene plastomer, using a metallocene catalyst).

Our broad range of grinding and compounding capacities, as well as a dedicated laboratory for testing, makes Ultrapolymers the ideal partner for rotomoulding.

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