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ADSYL –Low seal initiation temperature resins
Through different co-monomer compositions, Adsyl grades offer the market leading
range of seal initiation temperatures combined with relatively high melting temperatures. The resulting balance of thermal and mechanical properties outperforms standard polypropylene and polyethylene, making Adsyl low sealing temperature resins the materials of choice for bioriented polypropylene films (BOPP) as well as for double bubble, cast and blown films

  • Flexible Barrier pouches
  • Bag/pouch applications
  • Metallized Film
  • Double Bubble Application– Shrink Film
  • Micro-perforated film
  • Heavy duty bag
  • Compression Packaging
  • Coextruded Cast Film
  • Fresh Cut Packaging
  • Stand-up Pouches (Vacuum packaging applications)
  • Adhesives (tackiness, flexibility, elasticity)
  • Used as skin layer in BOPP, cast and double bubble film
  • Improved sealing characteristics
  • Low seal initiation temperature (SIT) 115°C - 75°
  • Increased gas barrier properties in metallized film
  • Higher seal strength / hot tack
  • Support for holography
  • High speed processing - fast packaging
  • Faster sealing
  • Improved optics
  • Thermal resistance for hot lamination of metallized film
  • C2 C3 C4 random copolymer
  • Seal initiation temperature to 75°C