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The Hiflex TPO resins are designed to capture the properties of both elastomers and polyolefins into a unique product tailored for use in impact modification and compounding. Hiflex combines the uniqueness of LyondellBasell’s existing product brands targeted at modification and compounding (Hifax and Adflex TPO resins), offering easy processing, flexibility, durability, weight reduction, high thermal resistance and low gloss. Additionally, Hiflex offers an improved impact, stiffness and shrinkage performance balance when used in a compound. 

  • Impact modification
  • Extrusion compounding
  • Hyper-filled compounds
  • Exterior / interior automotive compounds
  • Higher filler loading
  • Improved stiffness / impact balance
  • Lower shrinkage
  • Excellent softness
  • High thermal resistance
  • Easy processing
  • Optimal flexibility
  • Low gloss / mat finish
  • Dimensional stability
  • Commercial advantage over TPO's