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Ravathane is a thermoplastic elastomer with high abrasion resistance, elasticity and smooth mold. The most outstanding advantage of polyurethane in comparison with other materials is that products with very different hardness, density and elasticity can be produced by modifying their formulations. Thermoplastic polyurethanes have really good physical properties like high tensile strength and elongation. Depending on their chemical structure and hardness, soft types of thermoplastic polyurethanes (60 – 95 Shore A) grades have up to 45 MPa tensile strength relatively; harder types (50 – 70 Shore D) grades have a high tensile strength. The most important physical advantages of TPU; high abrasion resistance, high mechanical properties, elasticity in a wide temperature range, low electrical conductivity and low shrinkage levels. The most important chemical advantages of TPU; oil and grease resistance, microbiological resistance, hydrolysis resistance, ozone resistance, oxidation resistance, non-polar solvent resistance, providing UV resistance and fire resistance with additives.