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Ultrapolymers offers a fantastic portfolio of materials for rotational moulding. The polyethylene range is produced using LyondellBasell’s multi-modal technology and is based on high performance hexene co-monomer. All polyethylene grades are UV stabilised, have TUV, DIBT, WRAS and TZW approval and are available in custom colours and effects. Specialist compounds such as foaming, x-linked, conductive and flame retardant are also available. Ultrapolymers has recently developed a polypropylene grade for the rotational moulding market offering an excellent balance of stiffness and impact performance for applications demanding high ESCR, good processability and low warpage.


Datasheet Ultrapolymers LLDPE: UP 204 NATURAL POWDER

Datasheet Ultrapolymers LLDPE: UP 204 BLACK POWDER

Datasheet Ultrapolymers HPDE: UP 203 NATURAL POWDER

Datasheet Ultrapolymers HDPE: UP 203 BLACK POWDER

Datasheet Ultrapolymers PP: UP 321 PP NATURAL POWDER

Datasheet Ultrapolymers PP: UP 321 PP BLACK POWDER