Ultrapolymers helps to to combat the Covid-19 pandemic

Ultrapolymers offers support for the emergency manufacture of PPE and medical equipment to combat the Covid-19 pandemic. Ultrapolymers is partnered with leading Global manufacturers of Medical Grade Plastics and have been supplying thermoplastic resins to the Healthcare industry for over 20 years.

Our experienced business development team is here to help you rapidly design and develop components & solutions during the current Covid-19 emergency. Ultrapolymers Healthcare team can offer technical support including Moldflow, Moldex and FEA support in addition to many years of experience in design and material selection. ​

Additionally, if you are involved in projects that utilise polymers, our team can help you make the transfer to production as rapidly as possible. If you are involved in the manufacture of Ventilators, Respiratory devices, PPE or similar, we can assist you with their development and help bring this vital equipment to the people in the most urgent need of it.

We can put you in contact with our extensive network of product developers, designers, moulders, extruders, toolmakers and medical original equipment manufacturers. Please contact our team of experts for help and we will gladly be there to assist.

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